Payment Icon acquisition FAQ

On 13-Jan-2016 we are glad to announce that Opparel has acquired .

With our combined operations we look forward to bringing you continued great service fulfilling your African product need online

If you have any question regarding this acquisition that are not answered by this FAQ, please contact us
via email

or phone 1-925-399-8366

Q: What happens to my discount code?

A: Any active codes will be honored on for the remaining validity period of the code.

Q: What happens to orders place before the sale?

A: All order place on prior to the sale will be fulfilled within 1 week after the sale.

Q: What will be the shipping charges for any new orders placed?

A: Shipping charges will vary by the products you order, they will start as low as $4, our combined operations will result in overall cheaper shipping rates from this low starting value. We will implement improved shipping rates in the near future.

Q: How quickly will my order be processed?

A: Our new combined operation commits to shipping all orders received between Sunday through Saturday 2pm within 24 hours (we achieve this 100%) and Orders placed between Saturday 2pm and Sunday 2pm within 48 hours we achieve this 100%). This is because USPS is the most popular shipping choice of our customers and there is no Sunday pick up.

Q: What happens to my customer account and order history?

A: For existing customers: you will not have access to your customer accounts whilst we do a technology merge, we expect this to last for about 3 - 4 weeks.

For existing customers: you will continue to have access to your customer accounts for now and we will update you with with any changes that arise."

Q: Can I get the same ingredients / products from as I could from

A: You can find many of your favorite products on We're constantly working to expand our product selection, so if there's something you want but don't see, let us know! email : or call 1-925-399-8366