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About Us

Our Mission - African cuisine, a modern tradition.

We aim to please our fellow continent citizens, lovers and supporters with our delicious food and drink items, clothing & accessories and our personal care by delivering good products and exceptional service at reasonable prices, whilst supporting the growth of African businesses globally.

African products are delivered #APD #Opparel

We and the continent's producers thank you for your support and continued patronage.

EAT - African meals can be hard to cook. It's not only finding the right recipe, it's also knowing what's healthy and even what you can make without stinking up the whole apartment. We love traditional recipes. We love healthy recipes. We love fusion recipes. We'll serve you a mashup that will please your palm-oil loving mother, your vegetarian father, and your sushi-loving sister (who refuses to eat African food the 'proper way'). All are welcome.

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COOK - African ingredients can be hard to find. We source our ingredients from FDA-inspected suppliers across the country to ensure that you’re getting the best ingredients in the country. We have the biggest selection in the US and it’s not by chance. We’re constantly scouring the globe for products that Africans love. Your wish is our todo list.

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SHARE - African food is shared. The most special thing about African food is the people we share it with. Whether it’s a Nigerian owambe wedding, Sunday brunch with the family or a candle-lit dinner for two, African food gets better with more people.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and YouTube inspires and enables you to eat, cook and share African food with those you love. We honor tradition but we’re unabashedly modern. While you’re on our site, you’ll experience African cuisine like never before. You’ll be able to shop hundreds of African ingredients, watch HD videos on making Egusi soup, and even find out about Tiwa Savage's healthy diet tips. And we’re only getting started…


Traveling to Nigeria in October 2012 visiting his father and sampling some locally bottled palm wine our founder noticed that there was an opportunity to increase the profile of African products in the USA. Bringing home products ( Taste of home) to the African diaspora and introducing them to the broader North American audience and so began the journey of Opparel, AFRICAN PRODUCTS DELIVERED. Good African products with GREAT African Service.